Custom Made Knee Replacement in Kent

Custom Made Knee Replacement in Kent

Various treatments for knee conditions are available. At the stage when you require custom made knee replacement in Kent, Mr Rohit Jain is able to offer a bespoke solution.

You are generally a good candidate for total knee replacement surgery if your knee joint has become damaged, leading to progressive pain and an impaired function.

Osteoarthritis is among the most common reasons for total knee replacement being needed. This is a condition that involves the deterioration of the cartilage, leading to insufficient cushioning for the knee joint. You may also be a suitable candidate for total knee replacement if you have rheumatoid arthritis or have broken a bone.

Custom Made Knee Replacement in Kent

A bespoke implant is more expensive than a traditional implant but most private health insurance companies now approve this. Mr Jain is trained in the ConforMIS technique as part of his role as a knee surgeon in Kent. ConforMIS is a custom made knee replacement in Kent which uses a patient’s CT-scan data to manufacture an implant designed just for that patient.

The patient-specific instrumentation allows the prosthesis to be implanted far more accurately with less room for surgical error. The prosthesis also matches the patient’s anatomy extremely accurately.  There is a greater contact area for greater fixation because less bone has to be removed. As it is completely bespoke, the fit results in reduced post-operative issues such as joint pain or swelling.

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated significantly improved patient satisfaction rates with custom made knee replacement in Kent. Clinical data from American and German studies have shown patient satisfaction rates of 95% with ConforMIS prostheses

ConforMIS custom-made knee implants are designed to follow every aspect of your natural knee – from its shape to the way it bends and extends.  This leads to a much more natural feel of the artificial knee joint.

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Mr Rohit Jain is a fellowship-trained specialist in primary and revision hip & knee replacement surgery. He has a keen interest in Orth biologics, young adult hip pathology, trauma, enhanced recovery surgery and rehabilitation. He is a leading surgeon providing custom made knee replacement in Kent. For more information, please contact the team to make an appointment to discuss your symptoms.