SYMBIOS Total Hip Replacement

What is SYMBIOS Total Hip Replacement?

Each one of us is a unique creation of nature. One size does not fit all. Symbios has made a “Tailor Made” patient specific solution and has developed a Custom (bespoke) prostheses solution for a custom hip replacement.

The process starts from a detailed CT examination of the hip joint, which is then evaluated by a special 3D planning software called HipPlan. The 3D plan is then matched against adapted implants: SPS, SPS Evolution and Custom. A specialised surgical technique is then used to carry out the procedure.

Why SYMBIOS Total Hip Replacement?

This is based on a 3-dimensional evaluation of the geometry of hip joint. Therefore this is the first system to fully control the Leg-length, Offset and Version of the hip joint, which is unique to each patient. Symbios offers a versatile choice of either standard prostheses or the Custom (tailor-made) option, and allows the surgeon to effectively optimise the treatment and outcomes of all cases, from the simplest to the most complex.

With the pre-planning and patient specific joint replacement the risk of dislocation is minimized and the return of function is maximised.

Is SYMBIOS Total Hip Replacement for me?

Symbios offers a brilliant custom made solution for patients with femoral deformity from previous surgery and trauma. This optimises stability and soft-tissue balance and can allow a considerably high level of function. Before returning to any sporting activity it is important to discuss this with your surgeon.

Most private health insurance companies now approve of this procedure.

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