Payment Information

Insured patients

Mr Rohit Jain is recognized and approved by all major insurance companies.


A letter of referral from your GP/Physiotherapist is usually required by your insurance company in order for them to authorise a Consultation. Further authorisation is usually required for any specialist scans or treatment. Patients are therefore advised to contact their insurance company prior to their Consultation and before any investigations or treatment, so that they may obtain an appropriate preauthorisation number.

Policy Excess

Patients who have excess on their policy will usually be responsible for paying this, but are again advised to confirm this with their insurance company.

Self-funding patients

Our consultation costs and “package” costs for various common hip and knee procedures are available on request.  Please contact us.

Explanation of fees

Whether you are insured or a self-patient, the fees that are charged will be broken down into various components:

- Consultations, x-rays and simple outpatient treatments

These are all charged separately.  Self-paying patients will receive separate invoices for each component.  Please note that for injections, for example, you will be charged a surgeons fee and a fee from the hospital to cover the costs of the substance injected and the disposable items required.

- Surgery Fees

These are made up of 3 components

1. Hospital fee

This comprises the vast majority of the total package price and covers the hospital costs of the procedure, for example, implants, consumables, drugs, physiotherapy and accommodation.

2. Surgical fee

This is the fee charged by the surgeon for performing your operation.

3. Anaesthetic fee

This is the fee charged by the anaesthetist for administering your anaesthetic and includes the pre-anaesthetic assessment on the day of surgery.

Self-paying patients  will receive a “package” price that covers all the above costs. All bills will be sent direct to the patient.

Insured patients  will have the above costs (excluding any applicable excess payment) covered by their insurers. For insured patients, it is our practice to send all bills to your insurer for direct payment. The ultimate responsibility for payment remains that of the patient.  The patient is also usually responsible for the payment of any excess. 

Further information

If you have any questions about payment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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