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Knee Surgeon in Kent - Mr Rohit Jain

Mr Rohit Jain is a Consultant Knee Surgeon in Kent who offers knee replacement surgery as well as non-surgical treatments.  He specialises in Hip, Knee & Trauma Surgery at Medway Maritime Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.  He is a fellowship-trained specialist in primary and revision hip and knee replacement surgery. He also has an interest in Orthobiologics, young adult hip pathology, trauma, enhanced recovery surgery and rehabilitation.

Knee Replacement Surgery

The practice is one of the most common surgeries involving the bones.  Mr Jain is a highly skilled knee surgeon, able to provide his expertise to this surgical procedure.

Knee replacement surgery allows damaged joints to be replaced with artificial components.  These elements are usually made from metal and polyethene.  Materials like acrylic cement can also be used in the procedure.  During the surgery, the surfaces of both the thigh bone and the shinbone are replaced.

A bespoke implant is more expensive than a traditional implant but most private health insurance companies now approve this.  Mr Jain is trained in the ConforMIS technique as part of his role as a knee surgeon in Kent.  ConforMIS uses a patient’s CT-scan data to manufacture an implant designed just for that patient.  More details on this advanced technique are available here.

You are generally a good candidate for total knee replacement surgery in Kent if your knee joint has become damaged, leading to progressive pain and an impaired function.

Other Treatments

Knee arthroscopy is a surgical procedure which is used for both the diagnosis and treatment of knee joint issues. It is a minimally invasive technique which requires a small incision to be made, through which the arthroscope (a tiny camera), can be inserted into the knee. This allows the surgeon to investigate a knee problem and make corrections using small surgical implements.


An unloader knee brace is a brace that is specifically designed to put three points of pressure on the thigh bone forcing the knee to bend away from the painful area in the joint. They are used to unload pressure from one side of the join to the other, from the affected side to the healthier side. Unloader knee braces are made of moulded plastic, foam and steel struts to stabilise the knee joint.


Other treatments offered by Mr Jain include Pysiotherapy, Shockwave Therapy and Pain Releiving Injections.  More details on all of the treatments are available here.

Mr Rohit Jain is a leading Knee Surgeon in Kent and welcomes you to his clinic to discuss your symptoms.

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